This course is a didactic course, designed to introduce the students to the science of multidisciplinary implant dentistry. Emphasis is on patient evaluation, diagnosis and treatment planning by integration knowledge of the peridontology and oral radiology to impart a system of to impart a system of diagnosis and treatment based on the understanding of the importance of patient selection , implant selection from point of view of dental biomaterials, surgical procedures stages and techniques for implant placement , prosthodontics restoration patient management, and follow-up care

This course introduces the students to the science of multidisciplinary Maxillo-facial dentistry. It provides a basic theory background, to assist the development of skills in diagnosis, treatment planning, active surgical care and postoperative management. It is also dedicated to prosthetic correction and management of maxillofacial defects acquired from the surgical ablation of cancer, traumatic injuries or congenital birth defects and alterations in growth and development.

This course aims to facilitate the transition from basic dental knowledge to the clinical scenarios. Here the student is expected to apply the information gathered in previous 4 years into their clinical practice years (as opposed to PBL where a scenario is given and the student expected to learn what the disease or condition is).

The course aims to facilitate the transition of dental students from basic orthodontic dental knowledge of child and adolescent that been tough in fourth year to more advance knowledge in diagnosis and treatment plane for adult patients.This course of study is critically important to the student future as a practitioner. It prepares them to provide the major portion of dental care to adult orthodontic patients.

The course has been designed to acquaint the final year student about the privileges and responsibilities of being a Doctor in the society. To gain insight in the importance and nature of the Doctor-Patient relationship. To show the student the factors that are needed for success in practice beyond clinical skills. To begin to understand the value of competent concise record keeping and how it is related to risk management.

The course involves dental clinics for Operative, Periodontics, Endodontics, fixed and removable prosthodontics, orthodontics, pedodontics and oral surgery. It developed as a continuity for DENTAL CLINICAL practice I and II.

Scientific Presentation Skills

Instructions and Grades for exit exam (Academic Year 1438-1439 / 2017-2018)