This course is designed to ensure that the dental student acquire sound knowledge in various integrated areas of histology, biochemistry and physiology. Some area of the mentioned disciplines have been covered less extensively than others to suite the needs of the dental student.
The course consists of 2 main components, Dental Morphology and Introduction to Operative Dentistry in the first and second semesters during the first year.
The purpose of this block is to introduce the student to basic concepts of growth and development, aging processes of the tissues, systems within the craniofacial complex and deviation and variation from the normal growth and development in order to prepare the student for the following Preclinical and Clinical stages. It provides the students with essential knowledge for the histological structure of the dental and paradental tissue which form baseline for the future studies in dentistry and enable the student to understand the basic mechanism for repair and regeneration. It also provides the students with essential knowledge to understand the medical and dental sciences that control growth and development in health and diseases, the role of nutrition, hormones and genetics.
This course deals with one of the most important topics which will help you in your career life, which is anatomy of the head and neck.
This block is designed to teach the didactic and the practical aspects of basic principles of disease. It provides students with great knowledge regarding the understanding of basic sciences; pathology, hematology, microbiology, immunology, biochemistry, physiology and pharmacology as well as infection control. The cause of various diseases including neoplasms, the pathogenesis and the microscopic appearances, are emphasized.