This course is designed to review the history of dentistry & provide students with the basic rules and elements of a dental word, including word roots, prefixes, suffixes and combining forms. The student will be able to analyze, spell, pronounce and build dental terms according to word parts and descriptions.
In order to enhance the student's knowledge of dental science, various terminologies including dental & medical terms are introduced & also using of computerized & internet exercises.
Principles of Medical & Dental ethics are involved in this course; the dentist can evolve his duties & rights towards his profession & be able for decision making.
During this course a practical model for verbal & non- verbal communication will be introduced and induces advice for managing communication in everyday clinical situations, together with interactive workshops.

This course is designed to ensure that the dental student acquire sound knowledge in various integrated areas of histology, biochemistry and physiology. Some areas of the mentioned disciplines have been covered less extensively than others to suit the needs of the dental student.

This course is designed to provide the student with the basic elements of tooth morphology, physiology and occlusion as an essential pre-requisite for other dental courses. The course comprises lectures and practical sessions, in which  dentoform, plastic teeth, and PK instruments are used to restore the natural form and size of different teeth types.It includes also, drawing of all permanent teeth and identification of natural deciduous and permanent teeth.This is designed to reinforce the theoretical knowledge gained in the lectures, as well as contribute towards the development of manual dexterity, a skill which is essential in the practice of dentistry.

"This course was designed to cover broad significant topics of the basic sciences for first year dental students, and to provide the student with an up to date knowledge concerning anatomical and histological structures and physiology of Head and Neck.
Our block is considered as a key stone block in the first year as it join between the previous block ""Cell Structure & Function"" with the next block which speak about ""the Growth and Development"" and the last block in this year ""Principals of the Disease"". The head and neck anatomy also has a clinical application also which you will need next years specially in Surgical Management blocks (411DENT, 413DENT, & 414 DENT) as well as during your practical life.

The purpose of this block is to introduce the student to basic concepts of growth and development, maturation, and aging processes of the tissues, systems within the craniofacial complex and deviation and variation from the normal growth and development in order to prepare the student for the following Pre-clinical and Clinical stages. It provides the students with essential knowledge to understand the medical and dental sciences that control growth and development in health and diseases, the role of nutrition, hormones and genetics.

This block is designed to teach the didactic and the practical aspects of basic principles of disease. It provides students with great knowledge regarding the understanding of basic sciences; pathology, hematology, microbiology, immunology, biochemistry, physiology and pharmacology

The course has been designed to introduce to the dental undergraduates the basic concepts about community dentistry, oral health promotion and education. The implications of the system of Primary Health Care to the provision of oral health care to communities are discussed.

Scientific Presentation Skills