Data usage and protection policy

The e-learning system captures information about your learning and navigation through the system, these information includes your clicks on resources, interaction with peers and teachers, time used and content you post. It also captures information about the device you such as IP and location.

The College might use the information captured for the strategic goal of student and institutional benefits and helping them achieve their study goals and to be able to shape the support provided.  

We Guarantee the Following

  1. The College will make efforts to use the data for the benefit of students whenever possible.
  2. Data collection is a transparent process and an opportunity is given to students to correct their data or update the consent regularly.
  3. The college will work to actively engage students in the best use of their data  
  4. Intervention based on data should be objective and free of bias.
  5. The college will never sell your personal data or distribute it to a third party, or use the data beyond the terms of agreement or University regulations.
  6. Only anonymous un-identifiable information might be used in case of research or analysis and can only be shared as results and no detailed records of grades or performance can be shared beyond the term of the agreement, so that it can never be identified or guessed.
  7. Personal information will not be posted or transmitted to third parties without prior consent.
  8. Your opinion and feedback about the services or staff will always be private and confidential.
  9. You have control on your personal data and information, and can opt-out of services or communications you don’t like.
  10. Data and Usage of e-services might change in accordance to the evolution of the software, however, our commitment of privacy and ethical practices will always be strong.